Connecting with Your Network

This is short course is based on part of the official Introduction to Permaculture curriculum and inspired by other areas of permaculture.

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We've built on the many years experience of the Permaculture Association to bring you something truly exciting - quality permaculture education delivered online.

In the making for over two years and drawing on the amazing work and research of many UK and International educators, our mini course series allows you to study bite sized courses in your own time, from your own home.

Over the past nine months we've created the full Designing for Resilience course, working closely with real learners to fine-tune and improve the course to make it what it is today - and it's received some great reviews.

To go deeper with your learning, you can study our fully certified Foundations course with the support of one of our excellent teachers. Follow this link to read about upcoming teacher led course dates.

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Your Permaculture Network is the perfect springboard into permaculture education, In this course we will: 

- How to observe and interact using permaculture learning 

- Support and examples of ‘Integrate rather than segregate’ 

- Learn to creatively respond to change with the help of our educators 

- Learn some small and simple steps to take now

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- Free resources, videos, PDF handouts

- Activities and quizzes

- Recommended further reading to compliment this course

About the Permaculture Association

Vision: A healthy and peaceful world, where we care for each other, the earth and future generations, share resources wisely and continue to heal and regenerate communities and ecosystems.

Purpose: To build a network of systems thinkers with the power to create healthy cultures and ecosystems.

FREE to members (access code available in members area)

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This course is based on Module 6 of the full Designing for Resilience, Foundations in Permaculture course. Here is what some of our students have to say about the full course:

'Very interesting and useful the perspective of applying the principles to several situations, including our own life design, rather than just to land based designs. Also, great practical examples!'

'A huge amount of rich and interesting content to absorb but it all makes perfect sense! I have made a lot of notes and will come back and learn more... It is good to get a thorough grounding in permaculture principles at this stage so we can see how they are applied in practice'.

You can find out more about the Designing for Resilience open access online course here

To find out when our next Teacher Led Designing for Resilience course is running, follow this link.